PROJECT SUMMARY: PS Business Parks, Inc. is a full service real estate company with expertise in leasing, property management, acquisition and development. PS Business Parks needed a complete design and website overhaul to bring the business into 2016.

SOLUTION: We have constructed a best-of-class desktop, tablet, and mobile web experience to in order to increase traffic and calls to fill their vacant offices.

METHOD: Stakeholder interviews, comparative/competitive analysis, surveys, information architecture, user flow, sketches, wire frames.



When we first started working on the new PS Business Parks website re-design we had to understand who they are, what they are looking for in the results of the redesign (increase traffic, and conversion, track where traffic comes from, etc.) We also had to learn who their clients are right now, and who they want their clients to be. Most importantly we needed to understand what their clients want from them, and so we had to figure out how to achieve it.

We started with stakeholder interviews, since each person we interviewed was in charge of a different thing in the company we had to ask different questions of different stakeholders, as well as some questions that concerned everybody.

We also sent out surveys to current clients of PSBP in order to understand their highlights and pinpoints of interaction with the company's website, and their overall experience with them.





After collecting all the information that was necessary we had to work out a new sitemap. One that would make more sense to users and employees, both in the front and the back end.

When we had all the information in place we were able to start sketching layouts, and re-sketching them, until we were ready to test them, and after that we sketched some more. When we had a result we were content with we brought it into the digital world and started wireframing.