Meineke - mobile app

PROJECT SUMMARY: Since their first Houston, TX, location got up and running in 1972, they’ve worked to create a network of friendly, locally-owned shops led by true car care pros. Now that they are trying to reach a younger audience they wanted to launch a mobile app which will be friendlier to use and will get the job done faster than their mobile friendly website.

SOLUTION: Creating an independent app which will be similar to the current website but more intuitive and easier to navigate on a smartphone.

METHOD: User surveys, stakeholder interviews, comparative/competitive analysis, user flow, sketches, wire frames, A/B testing.



First we had to find out what are the most used functions on the website and what would be most used functions on the app. We sent out surveys to existing customers. We made competitive/comparative analysis as well as conducting stakeholder interviews. We have reached to the conclusion that the following items would be integrated in the app. 

  • View your Meineke rewards
  • Find a location & schedule an appointment quickly
  • See new offers in your area
  • Reminders & integration with apple wallet
  • View resource library for handy tips & videos




The most vital part about this process was to figure out the correct user flow. However, there is not just one user flow, there are multiple user flows which we had to consider.

We had to first and foremost consider first time user experience as apposed to second time user experience. And after taking that into consideration we also realized there are multiple ways, equally attractive to users to scheduling an appointment, so we had to integrate that as well.